The Remaking

Remaking_FrontSela grew up Among the elite, the privileged daughter of a prominent official. Little of the Remaking impacted her life, surrounded by extravagant luxury in the Tower of Hope. The Remaking was designed to improve the whole world by eradicating war, famine, and poverty. Sela actually believed in the effort.
Until her father sent her into hiding.
Hunted, alone, and scraping together a living, Sela wants most of all to leave the city, which is strictly forbidden. She cannot trust anyone, fearing that the government will discover where she is and abduct her.
After months in hiding, an organization contacts Sela with a bold plan to attack the Remaking. These people are good at what they do, and they have a great plan. But what if they found out her true identity? What if they discover her ties to the Tower of Hope?

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