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When a cataclysm leaves Earth without a Sun, all humanity must take to the massive mines bored deep within the planet to survive. Millions live in underground chambers the size of Brooklyn, interconnected by tunnels threading hundreds of miles between. With a frozen wasteland above and a molten inferno below, society struggles to adapt. The trials mount ever higher, and soon it becomes clear that life may tumble from its precarious balance.

One chance, a long shot; a trek through thousands of miles of enemy territory, up to the surface. It’s all but impossible, and it’s the only opportunity left.

To read several chapters of Sunlost on this site, click here!

Sunlost and the sequel Underworld War are young adult books with a post-apocalyptic setting that is truly unique. Science fiction for everyone. On Kindle for $3.99 each or $12.99 on paperback from!


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