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Littledon! Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

At length, the men ventured closer to Mr. Lawson’s kill. Blood which had moments before coursed from the wounded side now ceased flow, for the stilled heart. Red-wet fur, smeared from the wolf’s thrashing, matted the side. Mud and grass too were glazed with it, fresh and even steaming the faintest part.

Though the wolf was dead, the terror of the men had hardly faded. So simple was it to slay a wolf? No man ventured to voice that confusion, but young Mr. Warwick worked his way around it. Click for the full article


Littledon! Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Now, it may be wondered why every Littledonian would be so ready to trust the testimony of an untried youth. After all, might not Vincent have merely seen a large dog? He certainly had never seen a wolf before this day, only heard the harrowing stories about them.

How then could he identify a wolf, except by the vague stories which made them out as oversized dogs? But then to distinguish between a large dog and a true wolf became a mere matter of interpretation. Why had nothing like those ideas passed the mind of any Littledonian? Click for the full article

Littledon! Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

The countryside around Littledon was regularly hazed with mist in the mornings, especially those mornings which came out of chilly nights. Not frosty, but chilly, and this was just such a morning. The sky was a smattering of puffy white and smears of gray clouds, and the hilltops just bulged out of the soupy fog spilling over the ground. It was a quiet morning, as everyone went about his work in pleasant silence.

Until young Vincent Conn tore into town with great dispatch and frantic callings, and from that moment on, the stillness was shattered. The fog within Littledon seemed to recede with the very stirring of passions among the residents. Click for the full article

Littledon! Chapter 1

I wrote Littledon! during the process of preparing The Remaking for publication. It is a rewrite of the classic fable of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Instead of catching on to the boy’s lies, the town always believes him, which makes the story more humorous than the original, and ultimately, more tragic. It is a novella, which means about a hundred paperback pages.

Littledon! will be serialized on my site as I work on the sequel to The Remaking. However, for those who do not want to wait for each chapter to be released, the whole story in its entirety is available on the Kindle. Within a few weeks, a paperback version should be released as well. Enjoy! Click for the full article

The Remaking Released!

The Remaking is now out both on Kindle and paperback. Pick it up, give it a read, and review it!

It’s something of a crossover between 1984 and modern Young Adult. So many YA books have gone halfway with that, I decided to take it a few steps further. Let me know if I pulled it off!


The Remaking Sample

The Remaking is now available for pre-order on the Kindle and order in Paperback. You probably could get the paperback a week or so before the official release date.

In any event, here’s a bit of a flashback for Sela, the main character in The Remaking.


Her hand moved delicately across the canvas, skinning the faintest shade of charcoal off the stick. She retraced and added another careful swath. Even though the table was inclined, Sela hunched over it, trying to twist her posture enough to untwist her drawing.

She had been practicing for a few weeks, and she wasn’t sure whether there was any improvement. She could smudge out decent skylines. Who couldn’t? Click for the full article

Unveiling the Cover

My book, The Remaking, is set to launch late next month. I cannot be happier with the way it has turned out. So here’s the cover. I will post a few comments about The Remaking in a few days. This is going to be a slightly different book. It might stir up some interest, though likely through some controversy. More to come later.

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The Remaking Teaser

I have been working on two things; getting out of debt and completing another book. I’m close on the first goal and already there on the second. The Remaking should release late next month. I’ll be unveiling the cover art very soon!

Here’s an (ominous) teaser.

Welcome to the Remaking, a global effort to restructure human relations and increase social stability.   Under the guidance of the Provisional Council, the Remaking has eliminated war, eradicated famine, and solved poverty; all while returning most of the natural world to the Earth.

Enjoy your time in Megora, and follow all rules and regulations!

Please note, Ghosting is a serious offense and will not be tolerated.

You may apply for a residence, however the Council reserves sole discretion to assign dwelling spaces as necessary.

If you do not have a biometric account yet, make an appointment with the Agency of Medicine. Your biometric account can be used to make paper-free payments at many restaurants, theaters, and Megora’s state-of-the-art transit system.

Your opinion is valuable to us! The Agency of Vision is eager to hear from you. Visit the website so we can hear your thoughts. And don’t worry, there will be no repercussions… We promise…

Yeah, that doesn’t raise any hair on the neck, right?

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Mockingjays of the World

The words of movie heroes are now igniting real passion in the hearts of people in Thailand, moving them to take a symbolic action: raising three fingers into the air. If this goes against government wishes and leads to arrests being made then these protesters will go to jail for referencing a fictional story from a movie.

Hunger Games is shaking the world? Maybe. It is certainly not going to usher in a new era, much as we fans may wish. Why would strict governments be wary of this film, then? Because the message of Hunger Games is the immorality of tyranny, and the virtue of justified revolt.

Popular culture seems to have created a worldwide narrative of “freedom,” though it’s still as vague and hazy as the fictional sources it’s being extracted from to find its final shape. At the end of the day Katniss is a fictional character living in a fabricated world conceived of by her creator Suzanne Collins. Click for the full article

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