I was born in 1984, the fourth of six children, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Having attended both private school and public school, I was encouraged to read a great diversity of literature, and by fourth grade, reading had become my most dominant habit, overtaking knothole baseball (our local little league).

Perhaps the first story I ever wrote which did not spring from a classroom prompt was in fifth grade. During high school, I became a follower of Christ and went on several trips with my church’s youth group to various parts of America to help impoverished people by repairing their homes. Over several summers, I also ran the music program for a kid’s camp in the Appalachians. Also during high school, I attended a number of creative writing classes and participated in a few state competitions, although my private pursuits suffered since I now worked part time on top of other commitments.

Since graduating, I have tried my hand at a number of occupations; I became an EMT and then left the field because it’s tough on the nerves; you have to be built for that sort of job. I looked into technology and the video game industry, but never could find the patience to develop my understanding of the tools. I was interested in music, but didn’t want to become a sound engineer.

After a long search, I decided the only career fulfilling to me is writing. These days I’m reading everything I can get my hands on; almost all genres of fiction and non-fiction. I currently live in Loveland, Ohio which is a small town near Cincinnati. I have a beagle named Moose and a little house I’m pretending to fix up (really, I just spend most of my time reading and writing).


One thought on “Bio

  1. Nature Boy,
    I had no idea you were writing, last I knew you were still doing the EMT route. I am thinking back to a canoe trip we did through FBC many years ago and for some reason I started calling you Nature Boy. Where have the years gone.
    I am excited to see where this goes for you.
    Jeff Jones

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