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People are criticizing Barack Obama for attending a baseball game while the news was unraveling about terror attacks in Brussels. There were similar criticisms of George W. Bush during his Presidency. Bush was reading a book to elementary school students when he was informed of the 9/11 terror attacks. He finished reading the book to the kids before he left to take care of business. People like Michael Moore made a big deal out of it.

What exactly is the President supposed to do that he has to rush off? What exactly was Bush to do on 9/11? What could Barack Obama have done about Brussels?

Not much.

In fact, we’re supposed to have emergency and security apparatus in place for rapid response to these situations, especially now in the age of the war on terror.

This is a story because it’s political hay, but the truth is that such a reactionary approach to events would further the delusions of terrorists that they can redirect the schedule of the most powerful official in the world. It implies that they can affect policy.

And considering the dismaying regularity of Islamic terrorism, a President wouldn’t get much done if he let such events interrupt his schedule. Now, that might be better for America in the case of Barack Obama, since he has been fundamentally transforming our nation from one of independent, united citizens to one of dependent, tribalized subjects. On the whole, however, it doesn’t set a good precedent.

If you want to criticize Barack Obama you can and there’s ample reason to criticize. He’s treating Cuba like New York City, South. Hey, ho! Nothing’s wrong down here! He’s Havana good time tonight!

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