A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on.

—Winston S. Churchill

The manipulative left have been cashing in on this fact for a long time. If you can manage to define your political opponent in the eyes of voters, you have defeated him entirely. Republicans are not defining themselves and haven’t for several generations, with a few rare exceptions like Ronald Reagan. In the main, the scurrilous left defines Republicans through media, entertainment, academia, and the trickle-down peer pressure all of it creates.

And what definition does the radical left tattoo on their opponents? Racist, sexist, homophobic, trans-phobic, Islamaphobic, greedy, eco-killing, insensitive, heartless bastards. It matters very little that all of these accusations are provably untrue; what matters is that they are perceived to be true. Once that is established, no one will listen to any real debate. That is the benefit of controlling the language; you define away your opponent’s support.

The pathological left has spent fifteen years trying to shock-therapy and shame the American people out of believing in limited government, personal responsibility, and free markets. But by mislabeling our beliefs so deceitfully, the results have been mixed. We’re still a center-right nation.

Instead we have a rage aimed at the upper echelons of both the right and the left. Why do Tea Party candidates succeed? Because they promise not to go along with the Democrats, to fight back, and actually repudiate these slanderous labels. Yet, still being generally timid and overly-polite, even the Tea Party has done a mediocre job of it. That’s why Andrew Breitbart was such a hero; he was a bulldog for truth, often the only voice standing up for people who were being slimed by cadres of leftist cronies.

Whereas Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and a laundry list of syndicated columnists attempt to respond, the truth is that few of these good people ever get a defensive message out through enemy channels. Vindication of a national slander cannot be privately provided at CPAC. Andrew Breitbart consistently forced the media hacks to back down from lies and attacks.

But Andrew is gone and sorely missed. Now the Republican Party has done such a piss-poor job of messaging, even a left-winger like Donald Trump can explode into the nomination simply by being a jerk to the jerks that lie about Americans from their ivory towers and skyscrapers.

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