I wrote this back in June, and it has sat since then. Given the madness surfacing in various parts of this great nation, I thought perhaps a few of these lines will seem poignant. That is for the reader to decide.

What a terrible mess of justice we make,

When for an idea, society we break.

Once setting out, spurred by truth’s yearning,

Crushed to powder and buried, under a mountain of ‘learning’.

Embracing foolishness; ‘imagine men and women the same’,

Unable to see anything, except through the insane

Chains of hard iron; rusty, discarded, and broken,

Reforged anew, willingly worn, shouting “token!”

As though any difference at all is unjust,

Among people infinitely unique, and thus,

Every foundation must be shattered anew,

Because compared to an idea, nothing else will do!

Many who improve their lot are then hated,

Whoever may seek, so mercilessly berated,

As acting white, chauvinistic, or prudish,

Wealthy one percent, apartheid Jewish.

Unrelenting fealty to the mob, this demand.

No whisper of dissent is permitted to stand.

Holding up conversation as necessary and right,

While murdering any else, blaming them for all blight.

And those going quietly about their own way,

Working to provide, serving their families each day,

Whose ethic is mostly subconscious but fair,

Treating people as individuals, and always with care;

They are to suffer, for an idea the only standard,

Thus, every iota of life must be gerrymandered.

In remaking the world, we must remake man.

Always, of course, assuming that we can,

Though history is replete, exhaustive with example,

Only God can work the clay of mankind and resample.

Baked, we are in His image, now hardened.

Twill shatter to reform, outside of the Garden.

The terror of orthodoxy, that furious will of the mob,

Always crashing right down, and the Blind Lady must sob.

Every gift we were given, cast uncaring aside,

All fences torn down without pause to ask why.

If they were once put there, was it only for greed?

How can we possibly assume such a simplistic creed?

After all, we must make the world so complex,

Only an educated mind can be wrapped in this hex.

None who think clearly would interpret this way,

But the degrees and the peers entitle some to say,

Only this and not that, but both when we look,

And need to justify her, as we make him a crook.

For one is a victim, because the other has oppressed,

In our very definitions of poverty and success!

Embrace the unnatural, sown with pure will

Virtue by power, Correctness made shrill

What makes a thing good, is merely that it works

And we want it and do it, ignoring the quirks.

Yet, who defines what ‘working’ means?

Who sets the rules of these hellish machines?

Still the crowd screams vile rage into the wind,

Howling as though a hurricane’s gale shall rescind.

And denying payday’s oncoming storm,

Our recycled delusions tailored to conform,

Until all of any worth is lost,

And every single soul we accost,

And over our easy lives a frost,

And forever through the ages

Our demise is embossed,

Onto the ash heap of history we’ve tossed,

The only admirable way.