**Update: these files are no longer available. See this post for an explanation.**

Things to post on this site are beginning to stack up, as I continue to procrastinate actually finishing each of them. Here’s something different, though.


These’re a few things I clipped from the blu-ray audio tracks. I always thought that some of the tones in the film could make decent text notifications. The one named “Alternate” turned out really well and the other three are pretty cool. For those of us who use messengers on our phones, as well as texting, it’s nice to have distinct notifications for each service. Check out the samples below!



Katniss’ Hunt:

In that mediafire folder, there’s also a snippet I named “Katniss’ Hunt.” Those who have seen the movie will remember it. At the midnight release, I remember watching Katniss out in the woods and listening to the audio. ‘Ohhh! Minimalism well used! I have to get this soundtrack!’ I thought. Then once I did, it turned out that the Hunt was so minimalist that it didn’t warrant being added to the score; bit of a disappointment.

No matter; here it is direct from the disc, with the sound effects and everything, including the first two lines exchanged between Gale and Katniss. Enjoy!

Oh, also; most random traffic on my site is here looking for political analysis regarding The Hunger Games, which is no surprise. Hopefully my take is illuminating some things for people. With the next installment of the films scheduled to debut later this year, the subject will certainly arise again, and I’ll point out a few new things.