My first book, In Good Hands, is now available in paperback. It’s already available for Amazon Prime members to borrow for free.

Originally, In Good Hands was meant as part one of a series. I may still write the other books, but for now, this book is a pretty strong stand-alone.

In Good Hands is an international chase. A group of high-tech criminals steal a brand new technology, mankind’s first doorways into multiple universes. An intelligence operative is tasked with retrieval and is given full authority to kill or capture the thieves if necessary. A lot of good fun and tense action.

As I was going through the process of getting In Good Hands ready for printing, I discovered that the cover files were not quite hi-res enough to produce good quality prints for a 6×9 inch book. On top of being overly-busy, most of the details would be blurred on the paperback. Check out the original cover and compare it to the new version below.

Original Cover

And the new one.

New Cover

The broken hexagon symbol was really enticing to me when I first came up with it years ago. I didn’t know what to do with it, though. So, for the new cover, I used the broken hexagon to represent society suddenly spilling out of this universe and into many others. At first, it was a eureka moment and then a duh!-why-didn’t-you-think-of-that?! moment later on.

Since Sunlost in some ways is a Young Adult Adventure based upon the Interverse ideas explored in In Good Hands, anyone who buys the paperback will notice a broken hexagon on the book’s spine. They’re not related books, other than the mere concepts of the technology.

Check out either (or both)!