Following the release of the Hunger Games film, an unexpected burst of emails came my way requesting additional fanfiction. A plot had occurred to me around a year ago when I had finished Waking Athena. At the time, I was already working heavily on Sunlost, and so the idea became chicken scratch in a moleskine.

Seeing as how my own Hunger Games addiction was rekindled by the film, I decided to retrieve the idea and see where it might go. It begins where Least of These left off, the celebration in District 12 following the homecoming of two victors. Willing and Abel will be a little different from Least of These. It follows more than few characters, so it’s much broader, assuming third person viewpoints to help keep things clear. Many characters are new, many are not; some are Collins’ and some are mine. All of them try to tug their own direction.

It may be another few weeks before I begin to release Willing and Abel. For now, the cover should offer some intriguing questions. Obviously, my fanfic covers have been plain manipulations of Tim O’Brien’s magnificent designs. In that his designs perfectly represent the plots in each book, I tried to integrate the plots into my own abuses of his art. One great example are the twelve pillars instead of a ring on the mockingjay pin for the cover of Least of These.

At any rate, if you never read Least of These, grab it and read it. I’m told it’s quite good. If you are one of those nice people who are waiting for more, I promise Willing and Abel is soon to be eminently forthcoming (if I may steal a phrase).