Since the release of The Hunger Games film, several people have contacted me enthusiastically awaiting the release of more fanfiction in Suzanne Collins’ universe. No promises *wink, wink* but I have been going through the mindmap I put together to write Least of These. There’s a lot of good information there and it probably should’ve been made available as soon as I created it.

At the time, the wikia site for The Hunger Games was skinnier than a starving tribute, and really didn’t hold a lot of useful information for writing fanfiction. It may be different now; I don’t really know. Anyway, after combing the first book (and portions of the sequels), I was able to put together a pretty good reference guide, and here it’s available.

Now, I should note that the guide was written with a fanfiction story in mind, so it is terribly thin on some things while heavy on others. It also contains a lot of ideas I put down specifically relating to Least of These, so some of it isn’t from the books. Most of it is, though and the stuff that’s not will be obvious. In fact, because of my writing style, much of the information pertaining to Least of These ended up changing with the process of writing and editing.

The whole mindmap is available, for those of you who use Freemind (enormously useful and completely free to use). This file contains the most information. I have also made Word files available of the most helpful information, as well as PDF files of those mindmap branches.

Here’s a sample of the 74th Hunger Games Tribute Timeline. The PDF version is really great. Click on the image to download it from Mediafire. The page references are for the original hardcover book.

Click on the link below to access the Mediafire folder which contains all the available files.

Hunger Games Research