Just at the title declares, Sunlost is soon to be released! For now, I’m hoping the finished cover and a description of the setting may attract a handful of people to the release. The artwork was created by the great A.J. Powers. Be sure to check out his site!

Sunlost Cover

A furious sea of heat below; a savage, frozen wasteland above. Life in the Coalition had become a test of will for those who survived the disaster. After all, they were lucky to have mines so vast and so deep underground. When the Sun fizzled and vanished, millions fled the radical temperature drop, taking up refuge in an extensive network of tunnels already bored out by several mining companies. Soon, war broke out among brutal gangs, conquests for control over territory and ever scarcer resources.

Denver was a mining engineer, already used  to life below Earth’s crust. As millions of survivors flowed into his underground city, a government was formed; a Coalition to provide safe harbor for those fleeing the vicious gangland warfare. As the Coalition’s meager prosperity grew, the gangs banded together and targeted the peaceful society with as much loathing as jealousy.

For Denver, every day was a regimen of work, rations, and fleeting, joyous moments spent with a girl. He knew he would eventually marry Leah, knew they would finish out their lives, one way or another, beneath twenty miles of rock, never to see the surface again, much less any hint of the departed Sun. And just when his mind was settling onto this idea, a glimpse of escape arrived.

Lizeth wasn’t what anyone expected from a relief worker. Could rescue from this wretched world really follow in her wake? She promised it would, but a monumental task stood in the way; a journey across two continents, under an ocean, and a perilous trek on the devastated surface in icy winds more than a hundred degrees below zero! The gangs blocked most of the passages, and there was also a curious psychological strain called the Confines which dredged up fear in Denver’s stomach.

But if that’s what it would take to free the millions of refugees from the cooling planet, the strife, and the bloodshed; Denver knew they had to try, even if the Coalition didn’t want them to…

Sunlost is a full-length novel, set in a science fiction future, however no spacecraft appear in these pages. It’s an adventure that sails underground in very recognizable vehicles. For those who like what the world is at this moment, most of the book’s technology is either here already, or very near to invention. For those who dream of what may become our world some distant day, there are plenty of ideas to ponder in Sunlost. After all, we’ve pioneered more of space than the vast subterranean darkness of our own world.

I will be posting a few samples from the actual pages of the book very soon. Be sure to keep an eye out for the release!