My best friend is in China for a few weeks, on business of sorts. Given the significant cultural difference, mild linguistic isolation, and general length of the stay; she was feeling a little homesick a few days ago. She texted me that she was having a particularly rough day. The text came in while I was at work. I took five and decided to try to write something that would make her grin a bit.

It’s a tad Suess-ish, though not nearly as good and lacking the neologisms. I wrote it on my phone and have neglected to edit it at all because I feel the format was parcel with the content. Hope it makes a few extra people smile too.

Here’s what I came up with:

Love, Home

I tried to mail you a tap dance jig, but the box got crushed.
Maybe a penguin would make you laugh, except his ice got all slushed.
I could get you a juggler or a clown or a mime
But before i can tape up the package, they’d sneak out in time.
How about a thought? Maybe a wish or a dream!
Or karaoke tune, though i’m the worst it would seem.
No trinkets or gizmos nor gadgets nor snacks
Will do very much to help you relax.
I guess in the end, all i can give you is a poem
Maybe that will be enough, we miss you,

Love, home