Update: I’ve uploaded e-reader files for Waking Athena. You can access them through mediafire and I have also added pdf file this time around, so even Least of These is available in pdf format now.

As promised, the followup to Least of These is now posted. Waking Athena will clarify exactly why the Madge character from The Hunger Games becomes so odd in Least of These. Enough is present in the book for readers to get the idea of what happened if they pay close attention early on, but Waking Athena comes right out and shows it, leaving readers to realize the implications on their own rather than the very plot itself.

Given that few will invest such cautious attention while reading fanfiction, I feel that Waking Athena will make more clear a hidden plot in Least of These. Additionally, I intend to post on this blog some further breakdowns of where the ideas for these HG fanfics came from, and how I assert what I do in Waking Athena.

Most of the fanfics on fanfiction.net are either alternate viewpoints, or submit-your-own-tribute works meant to show a different season of the Hunger Games. All well and good, but when I read the Hunger Games trilogy through for the second time, I realized there’s a great deal which Collins hints at, but which may not be addressed by the fanfiction crowd. To be honest, There’s a ton of HG FF stuff, so I’m confident that there’s plenty of other FF that does address these ideas, yet is floating in a sea of SYOT and perspective works.

There are two reasons why I wrote Least of These and followed up with Waking Athena. The first is that we never get to see what it’s like for people to watch their family members undergo the ordeal and the death of the Hunger Games. So, both of the viewpoints in Least of These are members in such a circumstance, one whose sister survives the Games and the other whose niece does not. The second reason is that Collins seemed to be subtly offering a deeper conspiracy than her books plainly allude to.

Katniss never really sees everything that goes on and so assumes that much of what happens is coincidence, but she does discover that many things were not coincidental at all, that contrivance was at the root of what went on. Readers can carry this a bit further and infer that Katniss never fully uncovers the full plot and that it was specifically drawn away from her, in order to keep her fighting until the last few chapters of Mockingjay.

Sometime soon, I will expand on this basis, but for now, give Waking Athena a read and take a look at Least of These if you haven’t seen that one yet. Both are free.