I am happy to announce, some feedback finally came back on a drafted piece which has been gathering a little dust in the hopper. It’s called Waking Athena and will be released very soon at no charge.

The short is a bit of a followup/prequel to my well-received fanfiction book, Least of These. You may need to be a Hunger Games fan to enjoy this piece, since at minimum, it has plot spoilers for the series. Least of These has attracted a fair amount of attention, especially toward the files I’ve made available for eReaders. After all, who is going to read a 100k-word book on their computer screen? A number of people have been through it on Fanfiction, but far more have downloaded the files. Whether they have read them or not is a little harder to ascertain, though I prefer to think the 500+ downloads are good sign.

Two plots dominate Least of These exploring different lives in Suzanne Collins’ Panem universe, contrasting and comparing them, at the same time telling unique stories. One character’s viewpoint is already known by Hunger Games fans, while the other is a wholesale creation of my own efforts. Yet, I was sufficiently intrigued by an additional concept, I laced a subtle third-plot into the book as well. Enough information is present between the viewpoints to permit the reader to surmise what the third-plot is. However, it allows the reader to pursue and discover that plot or to entirely ignore it, without really changing the story in Least of These. Being that my book is fanfiction, most readers haven’t invested quite enough attention to pick up on exactly what the third plot is, though a number have very fine ideas about it, one almost entirely picking out the plot.

Waking Athena clarifies many questions regarding the hidden plot and can be read by anyone, whether or not they have read Least of These (or even Hunger Games, though I’m not sure why you’d read a fanfic short without vesting any interest in the inspiring originals). The third plot offers a new perspective on a character seen occassionally in Hunger Games and Catching Fire. It hinges on one seminal moment that deeply affects the Mayor’s daughter, Madge Undersee. Waking Athena sheds light on the events that so devastated her in Least of These. Because the subtlety of the third plot, there is really no harm in reading Waking Athena before Least of These, unless you want the challenge of finding the third plot for yourself. More info to come soon! Keep an eye out!