I can see that there are a lot of people finding my, as yet unknown blog through Google and that these searchers are trying to find out what “The Hunger Games – Least of These” is. I’ll make it easy and hopefully search engines will begin to return this post.

Least of These is a fan-fiction book that I wrote because Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series was entertaining enough, I wanted a little more. It’s available to read online at fanfiction.net. I also have e-reader file links on another blog post for people who want to be able to put it on a reader. Please copy the files and distribute them as well! Those who have sent me their comments on Least of These have all offered very high praise. Of course, there remains the question of whether or not people who disliked it simply haven’t offered a negative critique, but I have had responses and they have been positive. If you’re a Hunger Games fan, check out Least of These. It’s free!

Least of These takes place during the HG first book (and I took painstaking care to ensure that it meshes fully with the whole series). Switching between viewpoints in District 11 and District 12, it follows the trials of tribute’s families and their lives while they watch their family members suffer and die in the arena. One of the viewpoints is also part of the Underground, which eventually grows into the Rebellion, and he provides a keen insight as to how the Capitol became so tightly wound-up as to worry about Katniss’ public persona, how people came to believe in the Mockingjay and why the Capitol began to fear it.

The book was reviewed on the Muttation’s blog fanfic picks section and given high praise, along with other fantastic HG fanfics. Check out their take and then snag one of the free files so you can read it, yourself!