Most of my usual writing practice has fallen off the past three weeks. Since mid-March I’ve been working quite heavily on my latest book, an original called Sunlost. Recently, I decided to put in the overtime and finish pounding the rough draft onto the screen. Least of These only took three weeks to draft, ending up at 99,965 words, but that was easier to write since it was fan-fiction and most of the groundwork had already been laid by the Hunger Games books.

The Sunlost rough draft is 79,972 words split into thirty chapters. I’m not ready to reveal much about the story, so I will only say that it qualifies in several categories of literature; young-adult adventure, science-fiction, and action. Starting today, I am going to wait two weeks before picking it up again to begin the editing process. During that time, I expect more frequent posts will flow as well as other random flash fiction and further development of other books that have been in the works for varying periods of time. Maybe I’ll put up a few bits of old lit that I’ve written. We’ll see.

Stay tuned for a review of Jarrett Rush’s compelling novella Chasing Filthy Lucre. Should be posted in a day or two!