I was thrilled to hear from another HG fanfic author, two days ago. EStrunk informed me that she had written a review for my book, Least of These, and that it had been posted at the Muttations blog. Scroll down to week 16 and feel free to look around at the other blog content, especially if you’re a Hunger Games fan. Check out some of the other fanfics and leave those folks a nice comment.

Also, please take a moment to glance at the guest reviewer’s fanfics. EStrunk wrote the review and also commented on just about every single chapter of Least of These. I highly recommend her HG fanfic. She’s working on a serial called Ever In Your Favor, which is shaping up to be quite a fantastic continuation to the book series. Many people, myself included, felt that the wrap-up in Mockingjay was overwhelmingly melancholy and a bit quixotic. It’s nice to see some fantastic writers helping smooth out what could otherwise be a very depressing finish.